Please do not waste you valuable capital on a Cassette Radiology unit. These units are prone to high maintenance costs due to mechanical, erase lamp & laser failures. A busy practice deserves a maintenance free solution.


Completely Automated

The Adams Medical System DR can be fitted to almost any X-ray room or Mobile within your department. No modification to your existing system is required and Flat Panel Devices can be shared between your systems. Up to 4 FPDs can be registered to any system.


The wireless system ensures best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility. Wireless freedom that covers all applications.

Product Range

The FPD's are available in 3 different sizes to best match your requirements.

  • 43 x 43 cm - Large FOV
  • 35 x 43 cm - General imaging
  • 27 x 35 cm - Paediatric & Extremities - Specifically designed to fit into humidicribs.
  • Retrofits to any system
  • Easy upgrade path
  • Manual Synchronization mode
  • Non Generator Connection mode
  • Graphical User Interface support with small sized PC
  • Wireless
  • Light weight
  • High resolution
  • High sensitivity
  • Durable Cassette-size FPDs
  • Available with "C" and "G" scintillators

Interface Solutions

Retrofit / Upgrade A two-component system comprising the Wireless FPDs and a laptop computer can be installed on any system without any physical connection to the X-ray generator. The Laptop PC will pick up the patient demographics for the Worklist server on the PACS system. The exposure parameters are then set on the X-ray generator and the exposure made. The Wireless FPD automatically detects X-ray and sends the image data wirelessly to the laptop computer, which in turn is connected wirelessly to your PACS and DICOM networks.

Full Integration Of the system with your X-ray room and Mobiles. With the full integration solution, a complete workflow solution is implemented from the worklist, to examination protocol control of the X-ray parameters, exposure, image capture and processing. In addition, full exposure and dose information is captured and added to the DICOM header of each image for transfer to your PACS system.

High Sensitivity

The Amorphous silicon detector has a scintillator of either Csl or GOS and has a pixel pitch of 125 microns and 11.6 million pixels. This large format and light weight FPD is ideal for orthopedic, chest and abdominal examinations.

High Image Quality

The high resolution, high image quality, high sensitivity and high signal to noise ratio enabling you to provide an enhanced level treatment to your patients. Quality you can count on. Reliability and efficiency that provide you, and your department, the confidence that you see the full picture. Digital radiography systems can save more than 60% of your time, eliminating cassette handling and providing real-time viewing of high quality images.

Optimized workflow

With the flexibility and reliability of the wireless FPD system you can optimize your workflow to concentrate on critical tasks by using DR solutions. Up to four detectors can be used in one room and shared between systems, offering you maximum flexibility to accommodate the required workflow.

Control Software

The Wireless Digital Radiography System uses the Control Software. The intuitive operation of this software gives a wide range of selections directly from the main menu and yet images can be taken within three steps. The Control Software also has advanced image processing that shows the subtle details of trabecular bone structure and soft tissue in the same image. The optimized workflow reduces current operation steps and supports multiple study acquisition. The software delivers high-resolution images, generator communication (when directly coupled to the generator) for preset x-ray parameters, providing actual exposure factors and patient dose information in the DICOM header. Three levels of access can be set for various users.

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